Software Patterns and Quality: Can Patterns Help Quality?

Yesterday I attended the Joe Yoder’s interesting talk about “Software Patterns and Quality: Can Patterns Help Quality?”. He introduced the concept of ‘Perfection is the enemy of “Good Enough”’. He said that the systems have to be the quality of being good enough. And asked: “Does it meet the minimum requirements?”

He also showed some really nice concepts about patterns (that are related to the next tutorial of my advisor at SugarLoafPlop 2010):

” From patterns perspective, Alexander looked at QWAN (Quality without a name) as “the quality” that imparts incommunicable beauty and immeasurable value to a structure. It encompasses all of the following:
* Universally recognizable aesthetic beauty and order
* Recursively nested centers of symmetry and balance
* Life and wholeness
* Resilience, adaptability, and durability
* Human comfort and satisfaction
* Emotional and cognitive resonance”

The presentation will be available soon, but it was almost the same of this one.

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