New challenges, new website!

New personal and professional challenges

Since last 3 months, I am starting a new professional and personal phase. I am more focused on sustainability, scientific research, and people/community building activities. Good timing for changing my website, that was literally abandoned for the last years :).

What is this site about?

Here I am going to share my (national and international) experiences on technology, and also deeper content from my work and presentations. And, of course, as I never get tired of saying ‘I love people’, one of the big topics is going to be people in technology.

Recurring themes are:

  • Agile methods and IT advances;
  • Internet, ethics and society;
  • Leadership in the digital age;
  • Women in technology and
  • Sustainability (in the broad sense, related to the UN 2030 sustainable development agenda).

I hope you enjoy and come join me in discussions! Your feedback is welcome!

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